Distribution of Solar Products

Solar product distribution is our primary business. We provide exceptional value through high-quality solar modules manufactured in the USA as well as a complete line of other solar products to provide you with a comprehensive equipment package at low cost. Contact us for price lists and equipment literature.

Commercial and Utility Scale Services

We can assist the solar professional in all stages of project execution. As an installer for select clients, we are familiar with your concerns and needs and can assist you with your projects from pre-design through installation including connecting you with financial and other service providers. Our goal is to help you be successfully purchasing our products for many years to come.

Green Power Designs is known for:

  • Distribution of Exceptional Products Offering Low-Cost Advantage
  • Focus on USA Manufactured Equipment
  • Engineering and Financing Assistance to the Solar Professional
  • Exceptional Value to the Customer
  • Final Product Exceeding Expectations

Low Cost Solar Modules and Complete Solar Packages

Project Expertise and Assistance

Your Utility Scale Project Facilitated by Low Cost Equipment and Assistance toward Financing

Commercial Installations Facilitated by Integrated Product Offerings for Lowest Cost Equipment Manufactured in the USA

Low Cost Solar Modules and Complete Solar Packages

Assistance with Financing your Projects

Assistance with Project Execution

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