Residential Solar


GPD can serve your renewable energy needs in Colorado, an excellent place for homeowners to capture the long‐term benefits of solar energy. GPD will work with you to install a solar energy system that fits your needs and budget. We have extensive experience with off-grid systems.


Off Grid Solar


Living off grid is not complicated, our off grid systems are simple and reliable. Systems consist of solar panels or wind turbines, batteries, inverters, and backup generators. Our off grid systems operate hands free, GPD designs and installs off grid systems for applications ranging from remote cabins to fully automated high-end residential sites as well as remote commercial and telecommunications applications.  Off grid installations have the advantage of not being connected to the electrical grid, and are applicable where utility lines are not available, not desired, or just too expensive to bring in.

Solar Thermal Heating and Domestic Hot Water (DHW)


Solar thermal collectors can be used to provide heat for domestic hot water (DHW), space, pool, and hot tub heating. The system collects the sun’s energy to heat a fluid which is then stored in a tank, pool, or hot tub. 

Most DHW systems are rack mounted on your roof as close to your water heater as possible. Thermal DHW systems are an economical way to utilize solar for your home or pool, typically consisting of two thermal collectors and a storage tank. These systems often save 75% to 100% of your DHW energy costs. You can usually expect a 2 to 5 year pay back on your investment, giving you another 25 years of nearly free hot water.

Space heating for your home or business requires more collectors than a DHW system and stores the sun's energy in your boiler system. These systems typically save up to 75% of your total heating costs, a good way to invest your money.

GPD has extensive experience in off grid energy systems and will design and install a system that fits your budget.