Commercial Solar Systems


There is no better time to install a commercial photovoltaic system for your office building, warehouse, retail building, manufacturing facility or public building. Improvements in technology, as well as Federal and other incentives, can make renewable energy systems a rewarding investment. Green Power Designs will help to maximize the return on your energy investment through our site-specific assessment, performance analysis, and value engineering.

This, in combination with GPD’s commitment to complete your project on‐time and within budget, is part of our comprehensive approach to delivering outstanding service.

Solar photovoltaic systems can be designed for flat or sloped-roof buildings. Ground mount systems can be installed in most locations with adequate sunlight. A combination of the two may be desired to achieve your renewable energy goals. In addition, solar thermal systems can further reduce your space heating and hot water requirements, thereby maximizing your overall renewable energy investment.

Design and Engineering


Green Power Designs offers a full range of in‐house design services for all projects. GPD can also assist you in obtaining feasibility studies, structural engineering, electrical engineering, system performance analysis, investment payback analysis, plan drafting, building permit application and information on government and other incentives.

Maintenance and Repair


Green Power Designs offers full services for solar systems and wind turbines. We also implement maintenance contracts including: system maintenance, battery bank maintenance, generator oil changes as well as your other renewable energy needs.